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Machine Dynamics
Machine Dynamics - Aerospace Machining
Aero Bracketry
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Heat Sink Turning

At Machine Dynamics we specialize in machining for the Aerospace and Defense industries. Our electronics enclosures are used on the International Space Station, in satellites and as “black boxes” in fighter aircraft including the new F-35 Strike Fighter.

Since the advent of the Electronics Revolution precision machined electronic enclosures have played a growing roll in helping many companies manufacture systems that accomplish a wide variety of critical missions. Choose us and join a growing list of industry leaders who regularly use our services:

• Northrup Grumman • ITT Aerospace
• Seakr Engineering • Fanuc System
• L3 Communications • Symmetricom
• Integrated Controls • Celestron Telecopes
• Datum Communications

We have established these Performance Criteria that allow us to
achieve and maintain the type of excellence to retain these fine

• Honesty • Responsiveness
• First-Time Quality • Flexibility
• On-Time Delivery
International Space Station - Machine Dynamics - Precision Machining
International Space Station
F-22 Raptor Fighter Aircraft - Machine Dynamics - Precision Machining
F-22 Raptor Fighter Aircraft
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